Emotional Effect of Early pregnancy to the Teenager

As a teen it is not suited for us to be pregnant at that young age. But unfortunately, many women aged 15-19 got pregnant every year. And for that young age, most of them are not yet ready to be a mother.

A. Emotional Effect to Yourself
There are various emotional effect of early pregnancy to the teenagers.

1. Initial excitement
Other teenagers are excited to bear a child especially that it was her first pregnancy. They were excited on what would her baby look like. She was also wandering whether her child is a boy or girl. Others are excited upon buying her baby’s clothes and other things. They even start thinking on what will be the name of her baby. Therefore, they are really excited on what is the feeling to be a mother.

2. Confuse
Not all of the pregnant teenagers are excited of having a child. Most of them are still confused on what to do because it was an unplanned pregnancy. Of course, they are too young to be a mother and they have no idea about bearing a child.

3. Fear/Scared
Many pregnant teenagers are scared especially the unwanted pregnancy. They are thinking several questions like, “How should I tell this to my parents?”, “How will I face my classmates?”, or “What is the best thing to do to solve this problem?”. This questions are continuously entering in to their mind and they feel scared on what will be the reactions of their parents.

4. Frustrated
Frustration comes to the pregnant teenager. They are not yet ready to bear a child. Some of them are frustrated because they must study first before becoming a mother.

B. Emotional Effect to your Love Ones
Being pregnant makes our life complicated. It can affects you and also to your love ones.

1. To your Family
Our parents is expecting us to be a good child. They were expecting that we will be the one to help them. We are there bread winners. Some emotional effect of your family are as followings:

a. Frustrated or Disappointment
Many parents are not happy regarding to the early pregnancy of their child. They were expecting that they will be the one to help them in the near future. That is why they are disappointed.

b. Excitement
Others are excited because there is a new family member.

2. To your Friends
We have many friends in school. But what will be their emotional reaction if they knew that you are pregnant? Your friends might be disappointed if they know that you are pregnant. They might be shocked because at your young age you will be a mother.

Physical Effect of Teenage Pregnancy

There are several changes to your body when you got pregnant. Teenagers use to have diets and exercise because they don’t like to be fat. Some of them are assuming to be a model. But when they got pregnant there are several changes to their body just like:

A. An Increase of Body Weight
B. An Increase of Foot Size
C. An Increase of Breast Size
D. The darkening of Cheeks and Forehead

Mental Effect of Early Pregnancy

Being pregnant at that young age is also having problems. Financial problems and pressure to the family is a common problem to the pregnant teenager. Thinking of that problem affects you mentally.

A. Depression
Pregnant teenagers are facing many problems including what I have said before. Thinking of it may cause the so called Depression. Being depressed is common to the pregnant teenagers. They are desperate on how to solve their problems especially if their parents didn’t knew it. They knew their parents will be disappointed. Some teenagers try to solve their problem by:

1. Abortion
Abortion is the removal of fetus to the mother’s womb causing the fetus’ death. It was stated that abortion is illegal and a crime. According to Marcelo and Estrada, there are 300,000 to 500,000 women who undergo to abortion every year. Article 256, 258 and 259 in the Revised Penal Code of the Philippine states for an imprisonment for those woman who undergoes abortion as well as for any person who assist on the procedure even if the woman’s parent, a physician or a midwife. But some teenagers think that abortion is a better way to solve their problem. They didn’t realize that they are killing an innocent human being.

2. Suicide
Other pregnant teenagers are desperate on how to solve their problem. Some teenager suicides because of too many problem. Whether her boyfriend left her, her parents got angry and neglect her or her friends avoid her. If this is her problem she might have suicide. They didn’t realize that suiciding is not a way, instead they must face their problem because they can’t change the past.


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